Articles and Resources

to Help Couples Heal From Infidelity

  On the next few pages, we have articles that we have written exploring some of the different aspects of infidelity.

We discuss some of the common causes of affairs and some of the signs that your spouse might be having an affair.

We also have written an article about emotional affairs which can be as damaging, often even more so, than a sexual affair.

 On our home page, check out the link for our radio interview about affairs. The program, which aired on our local public radio station, WFPL’s, “State of Affairs” will answer some of the questions you may be having now. You will also have a chance to hear us talk. This may give you an indication of how we might work together to help you with your own situation.

Also on our home page, check out our interview on a local television station and hear our conversation about affairs.

Let us hear from you and how we might help you with your struggles right now.

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