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Healing From Affairs

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If you are ready to begin the process.  Click here to be taken directly to our enrollment form and we can get started immediately.

Help is only a click away.

We take you and your situation seriously and we are here to help. We can meet in our office if you are in the Louisville, Kentucky area. Outside of our area, online counseling might be exactly the answer for you.

Receive the benefit of counseling from the privacy of your own home or office through online phone, email or chat therapy. Our site is reliable, safe, and private. Our therapists are highly trained and qualified to help you with your personal or relationship problems.

Sign up for online counseling and you can plan to begin the process within 24 to 48 hours. There is no long waiting list. If email is your preferred way to begin, and it is for many, you can start whenever you are ready, even if it is at 3:00 AM.

Several recent studies have noted the benefits of online therapy for many problems. We have many ideas for how we might be helpful for you in dealing with the affair, or affairs, in your relationship.

We Are Seasoned and Experienced Therapists

We have a great deal of experience helping other couples navigate this painful and scary territory.  We also know that one research study showed that, of those couples who ask for help in dealing with their affair, 70% said that they survived and many even reported that their marriage improved after receiving help and working through the affair. 

Marriages DO heal from affairs.

Check Out Our Articles

To find out more about our thoughts and approach to specific problems, check out the many articles that we have personally written about different life problems.  We several here about affairs.  On our Counseling Relationships Online web site, we have many more about common relationship and personal problems

The article "Online Counseling: Is It Right For You?" answers many questions to help you decide if this might fit your needs.

We currently offer email, phone and chat therapy. Click on each of those pages to find out more about how it works or move directly to our enrollment page to begin the process.  Read our next article to learn more about how we work with couples online.

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By purchasing a service above I acknowledge that I have reviewed and made a personal copy of Informed Consent and Notice of Privacy Practices, which you may view and print by clicking on the tab left side of the page.

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We offer online email, phone (with or without video) and chat/instant messaging counseling. Email or call us and let’s talk about what will fit best for you and your own situation. We can find a fit.