Healing From Affairs

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I think that my husband is having an affair and I feel like I am going crazy. There are times when I want to tear his hair out and tell all of his friends and family about what he has done to me.

Other times, I find myself crying and begging him to give her up and stay with me. One minute I hate him and the next I want to go to bed and make mad passionate love.

I constantly worry about what he is doing and check all of the time. I look at his cell phone records, check his billfold, scour his computer and emails. I am using up all of my psychic energy just trying to find out what is going on.

I know that this is driving him crazy as well and pushing him further away from me.

There are not many events in a couple's life together that can cause more heart ache than an affair.  Learning that your partner has had an affair is a big deal ... it is traumatic!

Some people choose to end their marriages abruptly.  Others choose to ignore the betrayal and continue to act as if everything were going well.

Healing from an affair can take a different direction and a better one for other couples if they are willing to do the work.   Many find ways, usually with the help of a professional therapist, to work through the crisis and grow individually and in their marriage.  

Couples who handle it this way end up in a healthier place in their lives and in their marriage and really heal from the affair.

Reading self-help books about healing from affairs, checking forums and message boards and talking with friends may be helpful; but, often is not enough.  Everyone has their own personal situation and feelings and consulting a professional therapist can be a great addition to healing from an affair.

We are both highly experienced marriage and family therapists who specialize in working with couples and affairs. We have helped many others heal from an affair and would like to help you. 

Have you or your spouse had an affair?

Want help from professional therapists?

We can help.

We have helped many others and would be glad to help you. 

We are available in person or online for counseling.

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We are located in Louisville, Kentucky and can provide in person counseling to those in our area.  We also offer online counseling and coaching through email, phone and chat.

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Many of the couples we have helped tell us that their marriage is even stronger than before and, while they would never have wanted an affair to impact their marriage, in many ways, it was a gift to their marriage.  They really believe that they have healed from the affair.

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